Mission Beach Studio Before & After

Everyone loves a good before and after, so I thought I would post the before and afters of the Mission Beach Studio that was featured on House of Turquoise last week. Check it out if you haven't already. The author of House of Turquoise, Erin, found my portfolio on Houzz and did a little write up without me even knowing. It was such a fun surprise and so kind of her to share my work like that! So, here we go...before & afters:

{Entering into the Studio Before}

We took down a portion of the wall (next to the the bathroom door, in the picture) to open up the kitchen into the living space.

{Entering into the Studio After}

It made a HUGE difference!

{Kitchen Before}

The kitchen before was really small and filled with LARGE, I mean LAAARGE appliances. These were switched out for apartment size appliances, including a dishwasher.

{Kitchen After}

With the wall removed it gives you a better view/angle of the kitchen. I hope this is not too confusing, but we are now standing on the other side of the wall where the appliances used to be. The stove is now where the sink was in the kitchen before picture.

{Window Bench Seat Before}

This would be the "dining" area. It makes me laugh a little on the inside. *sigh*

{Kitchen and Window Bench Seat After}

The angle is a little off from the before picture. But, the window to the left was made smaller and is now the window over the sink. The window on the right is the one with the cozy bench seat. Quite a change, huh?

{Bathroom Before}

It's an orange beauty!

{Bathroom After}

Everything stayed in the same place in the bathroom. Just switched everything out for new. Clean and simple.

This project was a lot of fun! Each job has its own unique problems to solve and this one had many. For only 210sqft we accomplished a lot!

Happy Monday!

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