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Maximize the space you live in has evolved over time from my own life experiences! We were over the moon after moving into our three bedroom, two very small bathroom home. Ten years and three kids later we have slowly been making tweaks and adjusting our living needs to what fits our family best. 

As a homeowner the projects never end! There are continuous things that always need fixing or upgrading. Taking Maximizing the space you live in and running with it, my husband and I have put a lot of thought into how we operate and where our small chunks of money will go. Over the years we have saved up enough to do the obvious remodel of our bathrooms, years later the kitchen, but now we are feeling the as if the walls are closing in on us with growing children and toys scattered about. The question is: Sell, buy a bigger home with a larger payment or be content, use our space as wisely as possible and enjoy the financial freedoms? I prefer the latter. 

Good design starts with problem solving! How you function on an everyday basis and tapping into the space that isn’t being used most effectively. Sometimes when you live in a place for so long a fresh pair of eyes is all it needs to transform into something you never knew it was capable of. With projects ranging from simple Design Consultations and guidance, all the way to full kitchen and bath remodels I am here to guide you. Adapting your space to accommodate your daily living habits and addressing your top pain points with attainable solutions = Maximize the space you live in. 

Here's to real life!


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