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Do you ever watch HGTV and 


I like to be comfortable. I won't buy a pair of shoes unless I can walk miles in them or chase after my kids. Most winter months (anything below 67 degrees here in San Diego) I can be found in leggings and a loose top, getting cozy with a blanket. Most of all I want my home to be comfortable. Not only for me and my family, but for my guest to feel at home as well. 


Naturally, this plays into the way I design spaces. Being comfortable in the kitchen while cooking dinner, knowing where each tool can be found or as simple as using materials that are meant to be imperfect. This makes me feel comfortable. I try to give up the things that are not in my control and handle the dilemmas that simple design techniques can do to make life and my home that much more enjoyable. This gives me time to play in the backyard with my three kids who are all under the age of 5 (crazy, I know…), cook dinner with my husband, and enjoy the simple things in life. 


The problem solving is what I love about design. Most of the time is starts with real life problems; Where to put the pots and pans or tapping into the space that isn’t being used most effectively. Sometimes when you live in a place for so long a fresh pair of eyes is all it needs to transform into something you never knew it was capable of. With projects ranging from simple “brainstorming” consultations, all the way to full kitchen and bath remodels I am here to guide you. Let's sit down, design something for the way YOU live, and make it a reality.